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I’m Aaron.  I build websites.

I design and develop websites and web applications to make the web a better place.  I am a full-stack developer meaning I do everything including design and development of frontend and backend of websites and web applications.  I also provide domain name registration and website hosting.


My Services

I’d love to work with you on your website project.  I can help you with design, development and hosting to make this all easy for you.

WordPress Site Design

WordPress is a great content management system that allows you to have control of your site content.  I can develop a custom, responsive WordPress theme for your website with unique content sections and pages for your content.

Full-stack PHP and MySQL Development

I can develop fully functional web applications using PHP and MySQL built on top of the CodeIgniter framework.  Looking for a totally custom web application or platform, I’d love to talk.

End-to-end Website Services

I provide my clients support throughout the lifecycle of their web projects.  I provide domain name support, manage DNS settings, SSL certificate management and website and database hosting.  I can provide you hosting in the cloud on either a shared or dedicated DigitalOcean server.

Dedicated Support

I’m here for you.  I build websites that give you the ability to easily edit your own content, but if you need any assistance with design changes, new page designs, or some additional training, I’m just an email away and happy to help.

Let’s Talk and Get Started Working Together Today!

Contact me to talk about your website ideas and goals.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Working with Aaron was the best business decision I could have made! He has mastered my Shopify & WordPress setup to work seamlessly together for a high end retail buyer experience. His attention to detail and knowledge of what needs to be created or updated is amazing. If I had to start all over, I would choose him again and again, no question.


Owner, Ah Ha!